Wordle and other Visual Tools

Use Wrdle.net to create a Word Map and post it on your WIKI page and your blog by copying and pasting the code from your published Wordle word map

Wordle: Untitled

Other visual tools include Visuwords.com and VisualThesaurus.com which both allow you to conduct searches graphically rather than using text only.

Evaluate all three of these sites and post a short blog entry about them

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RSS is a great way to stay current on topics that matter to you. Use your RSS aggregator in your internet explorer browser to subscribe to a technology/web 2.0 RSS feed and an RSS feed that is of personal interest to you. Post a blog entry about one of the articles on your Technology RSS feed.

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Mind Mapping

Follow the Mind Mapping links on my Blinklist bookmarks and evaluate them for usefulness, and ease of use. Post a blog entry about which site would be the most useful to you in the future and why. Give comparisons to the other sites to backup your decision.

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Article 2-3-10


Read the article at the link above and respond with your opinion about whether internet activity should be monitored or restricted. Is this a problem? Should the average user be worried? Sound off with your opinion on your blog!

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Social Bookmarking

We will be using “Blinklist” as our social bookmarking site. You need to create an account and add bookmarks for some of the sites we have used in class so far. You will need to add sites to your Blinklist account as the semester continues. Add the rest of the web 2.0 class as friends to gain access to their public bookmarks.

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Voki Avatar

Create and embed your Voki into your WIKI page on the class WIKI  and in your Blog.  On your blog, add details about whether it was  easy or not easy to create and embed, and possible applications for it / how you will use it.

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Intro to Blogging

Welcome to the “Bloggoshere” or “Bloggiverse” or whatever term you prefer.  You are now entering into the world of blogging.  Take a look at these websites and choose one of them to blog about in your first post (What is helpful, what is not?) Also include if and how you will use your blog after this class is over.





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