Slide Shows

Part 1 –

Using a PowerPoint presentation that you already created, we ill be creating an account at Http:// and uploading it to their site.  We will be making this presentation public, and embedding it into our WIKI page.

Part 2 –

You will need to create a 5 slide presentation using Google Presentation.

  • This presentation will have a Title Slide, and 5 content slides.
  • A closing / ending slide is optional.
  • The topic of this presentation will be you.
  • Be creative.
  • Be informative.
  • Atleast 2 pictures with you in them are required

(If you need any pictures scanned, bring them to class so we can get that done ASAP.)

You will present this to the class.


Google Surveys

Using Google Docs, create a 5-10 question survey that the class can participate in.  This survey is created using the “forms” feature under the “Create New” button.  After you complete the survey, then choose a theme for  it.  Make sure it is saved, and then get the embed code.  Copy the embed code and paste it into a HTML/JavaScript plug-in on your wiki page.

Take a survey on each student wiki page in our class.

Check out the Survey Monkey site as well for another alternative to making surveys.

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