Podcasting and Video Podcasting

One of our last Web 2.0 features that we are going to work on is Podcasting.  Podcasting can either be an audio or video file that can be downloaded in digital format for playback on your computer or other device at a later time.

We will be using “Audacity” for creating audio podcasts and windows movie maker for creating video podcasts. Both programs are installed on your computers.

Here is a link t0 the Audacity User Manual. This will give you an overview of the controls of the program, as well as tips about podcasting.

This is the link you can copy and paste – http://audacity.sourceforge.net/manual-1.2/

Your project needs to be about a talent that you have and can teach to others. Just make sure that it is school appropriate and is explained well enough that your audience can understand and be able to duplicate your actions or instructions.  A script of your podcast narration is required to be turned in! Just make sure your narration speed is not too fast.  You will need to speak slower than you think you should.

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We will be creating presentations on Voicethread.com, but before we start you need to:

  • Create a Voicethread account
  • Choose a topic that you want to create a “How To” presentation about
    (something we have learned about or done in class)
  • Create a script for your presentation
  • Create any visuals, screen shots, video that you need for the presentation.
  • Use the voice comments and the annotation pen during your presentation.
  • Post your presentation on your WIKI page.
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Slide Shows

Part 1 –

Using a PowerPoint presentation that you already created, we ill be creating an account at Http://slideboom.com and uploading it to their site.  We will be making this presentation public, and embedding it into our WIKI page.

Part 2 –

You will need to create a 5 slide presentation using Google Presentation.

  • This presentation will have a Title Slide, and 5 content slides.
  • A closing / ending slide is optional.
  • The topic of this presentation will be you.
  • Be creative.
  • Be informative.
  • Atleast 2 pictures with you in them are required

(If you need any pictures scanned, bring them to class so we can get that done ASAP.)

You will present this to the class.

Are any of these future jobs for you?

Read this article and blog about the future career that sounds like you might like and also about the one that seems the least likely to happen.

Future Careers Article

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Google Docs. Activity

We will be using google spreadsheet to do a collaborative activity.  Click HERE to open the spreadsheet I designed.

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Google Surveys

Using Google Docs, create a 5-10 question survey that the class can participate in.  This survey is created using the “forms” feature under the “Create New” button.  After you complete the survey, then choose a theme for  it.  Make sure it is saved, and then get the embed code.  Copy the embed code and paste it into a HTML/JavaScript plug-in on your wiki page.

Take a survey on each student wiki page in our class.

Check out the Survey Monkey site as well for another alternative to making surveys.

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Collaborative Whiteboard / Drawing Sites

There are also sites out there that you can use as a collaborative whiteboard to work together to create or work on a sketch, plan, or drawing. These sites are allow artists or participants to interact and save their work.

Primary Pad

Take a look at these and think of a way that they could be used in a class that you are taking now or have taken recently.

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Current event RSS article

Use your Technology RSS feed to do a current event article about something new related to Technology. Make sure to cite your article, give an article summary (paragraph), and your opinion on the subject. (Due by Fridey 2-26)

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On-line social photo sharing, editing, and storage

We have discussed and used online photo editors, the past few days in class. Some of the sites we have used include:
http://aviary.com (doesn’t work right yet)

After you ahve used each one of the sites to edit a picture, post the original and edited picture on your wiki page with a line of text indivating the website used and what effects or tools were used to alter the picture.

When you have finished this activity, make a blog post rating all the sites on a 5 star scale (1 being poor 5 being excellent) and state the strong points and weakpoints of each one.

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Technology Article

Read about the technology of “e-paper” and it’s possible impact on printed media and the newspaper industry.


Blog about it: Do you think that e-paper will be the next “big thing”? why or why not? Where do you think e-paper will be most useful if at all?

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